*****Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are not allowing visits to the farm at this time. The first time you will get to see your puppy in person is on puppy pick up day. Once you pick your puppy out, I will send a little video and or a photo of him/her every 7-10 days and keep you updated on how they are doing for you to watch their growth. *I can only send you pictures and video if your cell phone plan allows this. If you would prefer not to receive either pics or video, please let me know.  I will also help you with your pick as far as what you are looking for. Like color, size and personality trait.******

*Question: Are you a Kennel or backyard dog breeder?

Answer: NO, we are a hobby breeder. We only breed and own German Shepherds. All of our Dogs are inside/outside dogs. They are our family.  Puppies are ALWAYS born in our home with me right next to Momma. I actually sleep next to the birthing box until they are moved out to our sunroom at 4 weeks of age. We are a 4 generation farm in Mustang Oklahoma. Our dogs are raised around our chickens and longhorn cattle. They love being inside with us, but also love being outside on the farm.

*Question: Do you own both parents?

Answer: Yes we do. You will be able to see both Mom and Dad if you would like on puppy pick up day. HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT approach the fence to meet the parents without myself or my husband with you!  If you bring your children to the farm, make sure they are with you at ALL times. Do Not let them go up to the fence. If you bring a dog with you, we would prefer you leave it in your car if possible. If not, please make sure you have a leash with you.   

*Question: Do you deliver or can you meet me somewhere with my new puppy?

Answer: Yes I can. Even if it's out of state. The charge for this is $1.50 per mile from Mustang, OK. 

*Question: What if I put down a deposit and for example, I'm #1 on the list and the Mom has a black puppy, and this was not expected.

Answer: You would have to pay the price for a black puppy if you wanted that one. 

*Question: Do you ship? I am open to doing this if the weather is right. You would need to pay for all air travel expenses, crate expense, and any other expenses that may come up for this. Ex. additional Vet fees. Health Certificate.

I am also now offering a flying pet nanny service.  You would be required to pay all expenses for this. Please inquire with me more about that service. 


*Question: I would like to breed my dog.  Do you offer breeding rights?

Answer: Yes I do however there are additional fees for this and I DO NOT sell my puppies to kennel breeders. The fee for breeding rights vary depending on which parents the puppy comes from, puppy color and male or female.  Please let me know in advance if you plan to breed one of our puppies someday so we can discuss fees on this. 

*Question: I want to come pick my puppy out before deciding which one I would like or placing a deposit because I want to observe it's personality and or looks or any other reason, before deciding. 

Answer: Keep in mind that most puppies do not start developing their personalities until the age of 6-8 weeks.  As far as their coloring goes, that can change so much week to week at such a young age. German Shepherds are born mostly black and it's not until later that their other colors start coming out. Unless they are a solid black or white. There colors do not really start showing until around 4-6 weeks. Due to COVID we unfortunately are not allowing visits to the farm at this time. Please see pictures of past puppies from the parents to get an idea of what the parents past puppies look like. Also read about our parents and see their pictures on the "Meet the Parents" tab. I completely understand you wanting to pick out your own puppy by seeing it first.  I really make this process as easy on you and as good for you as I can with videos and pictures.  I've gone through this process several times now since COVID-19 and EVERY puppy parent has been so pleased with the process and most of them express to me that they have never had a better experience with anyone that they have purchased a puppy from than me. I can give you SEVERAL references.  

*Question: If I put down a deposit on an upcoming litter, will I get pick of the litter?

Answer: The pick will be in order of deposits received. However, you must pick your puppy number out that you are wanting by 5 weeks old, so that other's will have a chance to pick out theirs. You are not able to change to a different puppy once you have committed to one of them unless that other puppy has not been chosen. If your choice is not picked by the time they turn 5 weeks old, you will forfeit your position and I will pick the puppy for you.

*Question:  Will I be required to sign a contract when I pick my puppy up?

Answer:  Yes you will. The contract will also state that you have read this section on my website and completely understand it. 

*Question: Will I have full breeding rights?

Answer: There will be an additional fee for this.  The cost for full AKC breeding rights vary.  It depends on who the puppy's parents are, the puppies color and if it's Male or Female. 

*Question: When can I pick my puppy up?

Answer: I make their first visit to my vet for their exam and first set of puppy booster shots when they are about 7 1/2 weeks old. You can pick up anytime after that. I will let you know the date of their appointment once I make it. 

*Question:  If I choose not to pay for breeding rights, do I have to have my pup spayed or neutered?

Answer:  No you do not.  That is completely your choice. 

*Question: Do you offer boarding if I ever need it?

Answer: Yes we do. Your puppy will need to be current on all their vaccinations including rabies shots. If you purchased a puppy from us, you will receive a $5 a day discount for future boarding.  Boarding fees are $35 a day per dog. Space fills up quickly on holidays. 

*Question: Will my puppy be potty trained and crate trained?

Answer: They will not be crate trained. They start off using a doggy door at 4 weeks old. If you do not have a doggy door, they will know they need to potty outside, so after showing them this they usually catch on very quickly as they are extremely smart! At the age of 4 weeks they are moved to our sunroom that has a doggy door and will be able to be outside or inside as they choose.

*Question: If I need to leave my puppy with you after they turn 8 weeks old for a certain amount of time, is that ok?

Answer: Yes however there will be an additional boarding fee of $15 a day for each day they are here starting the day after they turn 8 weeks of age.  If your puppy is not picked up the time they are 9 weeks old your daily boarding fee will go to $30 a day per puppy. If your puppy is not picked up and I do not hear from you by the time they turn 9 weeks old, you will relinquish your deposit and any rights to the puppy and the puppy will be considered abandoned by you, unless you have made special arrangements with me. 

*Question:  Can I make payments towards my puppy while waiting on them to be ready to come home?

Answer: You bet!  You will need to pay the minimum deposit amount and are welcome to make as many payments as you would like while you are waiting on your puppy to come home with you.  Just keep in mind that if you make payments using PayPal, you will be required to pay ALL PayPal fees.

*Question:  Can I pay the full amount up front?

Answer: You bet and many of my puppy parents do that.

 *Question: Do you offer a refund if I put down a deposit and change my mind? 

Answer: NO I DO NOT!! Deposits are non-refundable for ANY reason! Including heath reasons, loss of job/financial situation has changed housing situation/divorce your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON! However, if you would like to transfer your deposit towards the purchase of a puppy from an upcoming or another litter you may do that. Also by doing this, you will forfeit your position in line. So for example if you are in line for the #2 spot and you decided to transfer over to another litter and the #2 spot already has a deposit on it, you would go under them. 

*Question: What if I purchase a puppy and it does not work out with my family. Can I return him/her for a refund or get any of my money back?

Answer: Once you adopt one of my puppies, he/she becomes your responsibility. I do not give refunds. The best advice I can give you is to try to find them a home yourself. If you would like to surrender (relinquish ownership) of the puppy back to me, no refunds for any money you paid for the puppy price including boarding fees (if any were paid) will be refunded. Upon surrender I would require all paperwork given to you at the time of adoption, including Shot records, AKC paperwork, AKC folder and Micro-chip info will need to be returned when you return the puppy. You will then need to sign a document that you understand you are returning the puppy to me without any refunds being given and the puppy is being surrendered back to me and you will at that time have no ownership in any way of the puppy.  

*Question: Will I need to get any more shots for him/her or will those all be done? 

Answer: Your puppy will only have their first set of puppy booster shots. They will need a total of three.  Our Vet recommends them to be one month apart. They will then need their first rabies shot at 14-16 weeks and then again at one year of age. The rabies vaccine is required by law. 

*Question: What if I don't want to pay the extra fee for breeding rights but I still want to be able to breed him/her?

Answer: That is your choice.  It's your dog!  You just would not be able to register any of their puppies through AKC. 

*Question: Do you offer a health guarantee?  

Answer: NO I DO NOT!  My babies leave here healthy and I have a lot to back that up with.  They will be checked out by my vet around 7 weeks old and will go to you with a healthy bill of health from my vet. After they leave my care I will not be held responsible for them if they become sick including birth defects.  Honestly you can leave my farm with your VERY Healthy puppy, go to a Pet Store to get them their supplies, put them on the floor or in the shopping cart or even just take them to your family or friends house and you are exposing them to every other animal that's been there or in that cart or on that floor.  Parvo is EXTREMELY Contagious!  You should have ALL of their required puppy/booster shots before taking them anywhere!  Ex. Your neighbors pup could have a disease.  Puppies are very susceptible of anything- Just like a newborn baby.  Even when taking them to the vet for their puppy booster shots, do not put them on the ground. Hold them. Keep them Safe. No Refunds will be given. I WILL NOT help in paying any vet bills if your puppy ends up having health problems for ANY reason once they leave my care. 

*Question:  If I would like to use my own vet to for their first set of puppy shots, can I do that and if so will I be given a discount?

Answer: Yes you can do that.  However, no discounts will be given and remember, you will be signing a contract before you take ownership of your puppy that I will not be held responsible financially or in any other way if your Vet finds something wrong with your puppy. 

*Question: If I prefer not to have my puppy microchipped because I want my own vet to do it, is this ok and will I get a discount?

Answer: Yes this is fine.  They are microchipped at about 6 weeks of age, so you will need to let me know before then.  No, no discounts will be given. 

*Question:  Will I need to provide pictures to you of my puppy and let you know how he/she is doing over the years?

Answer:  YES PLEASE do so!!  I love these babies very much!  I see them take their first breath as they are born.  I'm their first human Mommy.  So again, PLEASE send a new picture at least every 6 months throughout their life time and let me know how they are doing. 

*Question:  What if I'm last in line to pick my puppy and I do not care for the last one that was not picked?

Answer: Your deposit can be transferred to another litter.  However you will not be able to knock someone out of their spot. You would go under the last person in line on that litter. 

*Question: Do you offer any type of support once I leave with my baby?

Answer: You will have a Life Time of support from me.


*Question: What color will my GSD turn out to be?

Answer: I CAN NOT AND DO NOT GUARANTEE WHAT YOUR DOG'S COLORING WILL TURN OUT TO BE WHEN GROWN!  GSD's coloring is known to change as they grow into an adult dog.  If it's one of Kaiser & Gypsy's babies you are going to get tri-color, silver/black/tan, sable or just black/tan or mostly black with a bit of tan.  That has been the coloring of their last few litters once older. If it's from Whiskey & Cash, and all black is possible, mostly black with a bit of tan, tri-color, silver/black/tan or black/tan.  If it's from Havana & Cash all puppies will be black.  If it's from Raina and Cash, all puppies will be black. However, it's very common for a black puppy to have some white on them somewhere. It could be their toes, some white hairs on their chest or some other area(s) and this is very common, even when both parents are solid black.  It's very hard to tell at a young age what their coloring will turn out to be once an adult, Unless they are black.  A great example of their color changing as they get older; When I got Gypsy at 8 weeks old, I asked for the one with the most black on her, she ended up being a sable. She has A LOT of silver on her now. I would of never guessed at the time I picked her up that this would happen?! I wanted a black/tan and end up with a silver sable. I'm SO glad it did happen, she's just stunning!! 

*Question: What if I don't want/need the AKC papers, will my cost be less?

Answer: No your cost will be the same. 

*Question: Will I have to pay to have my puppy registered through AKC?

Answer: Yes you will.  You will choose from their paperwork which package you would like to go with, as they have different options.  As of now the standard package just to get them registered is $35. 

*Question: What form of payments do you accept? How can I get my deposit to you?

Answer: CASH, VENMO, PayPal (but will need to add 3.5% onto your total if paying by PayPal) and a personal or business check.  The Check MUST clear before your deposit is accepted.  If you would like to put down a deposit using cash, I will meet you at the Curtis Park in Mustang. Checks will not be accepted on puppy pick up day.  Cash or Venmo ONLY on puppy pick up day. 

FACT: If you have put money down on a puppy for an upcoming litter and I try to communicate with you via text, phone and or email and get no response from you within a 2 week period, you will forfeit all money you have paid down towards the puppy and it will be considered abandon by you. I will then find a new home for the puppy.  

FACT:  If you get to our farm to pick your puppy up and we do not feel you would be a good fit for one of our puppies, we reserve the right to give you your deposit back and not allow you to adopt one of our puppies. We've done it before and have no problem doing it again! We want to assure our babies go with the right family!

FACT:  If you have not scheduled a pick up time/day for your puppy by the time they turn 8 weeks old, you will relinquish all rights to them and will not receive your deposit back.  As they will be considered abandoned by you. Unless of course you have made other arrangements with me. 

Need to know:  I need to have your cell phone number or land line number.  I MUST have a way to get in contact with you other than email. 

*I reserve the right that In the occurrence that a rare color (in my opinion) is born, the price on that puppy will most likely go up.  So for example, if you are in line on the deposits in place #1 and I have discovered a rare color has been born from that litter and that's the puppy you choose, your price will be higher.  I will know this for sure by the time the puppy is 5 weeks old.  However, if you do not want to pay that higher price, you are welcome to pick another puppy (as long as it's before the puppy is 5 weeks old) or transfer your deposit towards another litter.


A message from me:

No matter how much you research, or how many books you read, in the end buying a puppy is an act of faith. You are trusting me that I have done my very best to produce a healthy, well-adjusted puppy, and I am trusting that you will take care of your new family member to the best of your ability, hopefully, long enough to see its muzzle gray. I will be available every step of the way for questions concerns and, at the very end, a shoulder to cry on. 

Return-to-Breeder Clause

Good breeders don’t sell puppies with the expectation of getting them back: A forever home is supposed to be just that. But life happens to the best of us, and a whole host of issues – illness, allergies, divorce, relocation, and financial problems, to name but a few – can make it impossible for an owner to continue keeping a dog, despite the best of intentions.

No matter what the reason for the rehoming, I want to be notified. Even if your now-adult dog is going to live with another loving family or close friend, I still want to know about any change of ownership.

While this might seem controlling, look at it from the breeders perspective: In order to be responsible for every puppy I help bring into the world, I need to make sure they are in loving, responsible hands. I also want the new owners to know that I am available to provide the same guidance and advice that I give you.  I also want to know if any problems or issues develop throughout the dogs life, as that is important information that will help guide me through my breeding program.