Your Puppy Will Go Home With:

* A copy of their Shot Records from our Vet

* First Month of NexGard from our Vet

* First Month of HeartGard from our Vet

* Worming Record

* AKC Litter Certificate

* They will be Micro Chipped

* AKC Registration Kit

* A few toys

* A baggie of puppy food and one can to get you started

* AKC Puppy folder that includes lots of great       information.  

* A nice KONG collar or Comparable

* A lifetime of any advice you may need from me!


Puppies will be kept with Mom until they are 7 weeks old.

They will slowly start on puppy food around 4 weeks of age.

They will have their first set of puppy shots. You will need to follow up with your vet with the remaining shots your puppy will need after their first set of puppy booster shots.  

They will be given the "VET RECOMMENDED" Wormer Nemex -2 every 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age. This is used for the prevention of roundworms and hookworms.

They will be given the "VET RECOMMENDED" Bayer Quad Dewormer  

Puppy Payment Info and Price:

* We accept Cash and this must be paid in person. Do Not Mail

*I Prefer VENMO when making your deposit and CASH when picking your puppy up. If VENMO charges any additional fees to use them, that additional fee will need to be paid by you. 

*Personal or business check must clear through the  bank before the deposit would be accepted. 

*We also accept PayPal.  PayPal currently charges a 3.5% fee for the total amount you charge through them to use their service and this amount will need to be paid by you.  Pay directly through my site if using PayPal.

*You are welcome to keep your puppy with me after they are 8 weeks old if needed until you are able to pick up.  However the daily boarding fee will be $15 a day starting the day after they turn 8 weeks old. 

 Puppy Adoption Fees:

***PRICE - CLICK ON THE DIFFERENT SETS OF PARENTS NAMES TO FIND OUT PUPPY PRICE AS THE PRICE VARIES DEPENDING ON THE PUPPIES PARENTS AND THE COLOR OF THE PUPPY.  Also, if I still have a puppy that has not sold by the time they turn 12 weeks old (or earlier), I may go down on their price so keep an eye out on that if your interested in a pup.  Their current adoption fee will be listed on their page***


*Breeding rights have additional fees 

*Unusual coloring or mostly black puppies will have a different price and by the time the puppy is 6wks old, I will have their adoption fee on their picture. *PLEASE NOTE* As it's VERY common for german shepherds to change coloring as they grow, once you commit to a puppy, and they do not end up being your preferred color choice (including black puppies), no refunds/discounts will be given under any circumstance! 

The (non-refundable) deposit will go towards your total puppy price. YES you can apply your deposit towards a puppy from another litter if your color choice or boy/girl preference is not born from a Mom you have put down a deposit on. Also in this case if the next litter that is expected has no open spots and I do not have another litter expected within 6 months you will be able to get a full refund on your deposit (- minus the paypal fees if you did not pay them) but only under those circumstances. 

Please let me know if you would like to get on a waiting list for a puppy. I'm expecting 4 litters for 2021! You will need to put down the deposit in order to get on the waiting list.


Kaiser @ 8 wk


I will try to keep the site updated when a puppy has a deposit on them. Make sure you confirm with me that the "Open Spot" you are wanting is still available before putting a deposit down.