Kaiser & Gypsy

Kaiser was our first GSD.  He came home with us when he was 8 weeks old.  He's such a handsome boy. His head is the size of a Lion!  He's definitely our gentle giant! He has a very laid back personality, but if someone tries to mess with him or us, they won't win! Kaiser's Mom was an import from West Germany.   

Meet Greta.  We adopted her at age 2 and it ended up being one of the best decisions we have ever made! She Immediately fit in with our family. She Loves life here at the farm for sure, her favorite thing in the world to do is chase squirrels. She's very smart, loyal and loves everyone. She only has a litter about every 10-12 months.  She had another exceptional litter born on August 10th, 2019. She is black and red with a bit of cream. She weighs 95 lbs. Her and Kaiser's past puppies have grown up to be very large intelligent pups.  Check out some of their past litter pups on the "Kaiser & Greta's puppies link. Kaiser and Greta both have a white gene, meaning they usually have 1-3 very rare champagne puppies in each litter. There was only one born in their last litter.  

Gypsy is one of our precious girls!  She came home with us when she was 8 weeks old.  She's super loving and her kisses never end!  However in saying that, you would not know this to be her personality.  As soon as a stranger comes to the farm she goes into Major protective mode! She always has that serious "it's go time" face on. She weighed 93 lbs at her Vet appointment in Sept. 2020. She is such a wonderful Loving Mom! The puppies from her last litter have all sold and we are giving her a break. So it will probably be next year before she has another litter (2021). You are welcome to get on a waiting list for one of her babies.

Meet Cash, he has a very stout build and huge head! He's Pure muscle!!  He is solid Black. Shiny posh coat. He has an outstanding Pedigree!  His Dad was the son of IBON JIPO-ME. Look him up.  He is known to pass on a great calm disposition but has a switch that will amaze you. Personal protection, service work, police work k9, detection is all in his background. He's available for Stud service as well. He has been DNA tested through AKC. He weighed 96lbs at his Vet appoint. Sept. 2020, however he's not even two years old yet so has a bit more feeling out/growth to do. The Vet also commented on what great bone structure he has.

Meet our solid black beauty Havana. She has a shiny posh coat. She comes from a CZR background.  She has been DNA tested through AKC. She has the solid black in her pedigree going back 6 generations. Her personality~She's very loyal and fun loving and get's along with all of her pack so well.  In her family history there is agility, agility jumper and we have certainly seen this in her! She's solid muscle! Her weight averages 95lbs.





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