Kaiser & Gypsy puppies are here! Born 6/29/20

*All puppies from this litter are sold*


Deposit's- *Your pick will be determined by the order of received deposit*

Male #1     Congratulations to the Sadler family in Norman, OK

Male #2    Congratulations to the Sisti family in Piedmont, OK

Male #3    Congratulations to the Love family in Edmond, OK

Male #4    Congratulations to the Gallegos family in Piedmont, OK

Female #1  Congratulations to the Hamby family in Dibble, OK

Female #2  Congratulations to the Carlisle family in Mustang, OK

Female #3  Congratulations to the Sapp family in Wichita, KS 

*If you put down a deposit on this litter and she does not have as many boy/girls as we are hoping for, your deposit may be put towards Cash & Whiskey's litter that is due mid July Cash is a solid black and Whiskey is a black/cream.  She is the daughter of Kaiser & Gypsy. This will be her first litter so not sure on what colors we will be getting. You may also put your deposit towards any upcoming litter, or wait to apply it towards Gypsy's next litter.  Just keep in mind, deposit's are non-refundable for any reason. *Breading rights are an additional charge* Please contact me if you are wanting to have breading rights so we can discuss fees on this. READ Q&A Section!! 

Some of Kaiser & Gypsy's puppies from past litters.

*All of these puppies are sold*

Accepting Deposits on their next litter
Hi guys...Hope you and your dogs are well.  Zoe is 44 lbs now.  We joke that you must have tricked us on her breed, seems like she's at least half Lovehound.  Such a Sweet girl!  
The Fulton's in Broken Arrow Oklahoma
This is Blue.  He was weighing 50lbs before he was even 5 mo. old.  He has a Great life with his family in Edmond.
Thank you Jividen family!


This is Kobe he loves to High-Five.  His Daddy adores him and tells me what a great dog he is.  He has a happy life in Stillwater Oklahoma

Kobe at 5 months



We are located in Mustang, Oklahoma



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