About us

Hi, my name is Tonya.  My husband Jay and I have a small working farm in the middle of Mustang Oklahoma. 

My husband and I retired in 2017 and decided to raise GSD's.  We knew at that time we had an outstanding male and decided to get a few females since we would have the time to pursue one of our dreams raising these amazing dogs. Kaiser and Cash are our gorgeous sires.  We currently have 4 Females and 2 Males that we use to breed.  We raise solid black, tri-color, black/red and black/tan. 

Our GSD's are indoor/outdoor dogs. They do not live in a kennel.  They are our family!

The Parents are proven producers of intelligent, beautiful healthy pups.

The puppies are born in our home and I actually sleep next to them from the time they are born until they are 4 weeks old. They are then transitioned to our sunroom that has a doggy door and are free to go in and out as they please. They are given SO MUCH Love and attention.  I start working with them very young with their potty training and learning basic commands.

They will be socialized with our longhorn cattle and our chickens during their individual one on one time with me.  

Meet Pistol Pete with his Best Friend!! #aboyandhisdog